Variable Star UCAC4 372-080463

New Variable Star RRC Type UCAC4 372-080463 | Avogadro Observatory

New Variable Star RRC Type UCAC4 372-080463

This is the time of a RR-Lyrae quite peculiar, a more rapid ascent respect his sisters of the same class, so as to make it seem, at first glance an ab (but are clearly RRc).

This too is in the constellation Ophiuchus. The discoverers are Fabio Selvaggio, Alessandro Marchini, Riccardo Papini, Alessandro Milani and Mauro Ghiri.

As usual, the important contribution of CRTS data.


RR Lyrae variables with nearly symmetric, sometimes sinusoidal, light curves, periods from 0.2 to 0.5 days, and amplitudes not greater than 0.8 mag. in V.

They are overtone pulsators. Example: SX UMa


E: 2457536.4684

P: 0.2635963 d

CV max 15.39, min 15.85  

The link to the census VSX.