Variable Star HADS UCAC4 373-083099

New Variable Star HADS Type UCAC4 373-083099 | Avogadro Observatory

New Variable Star HADS Type UCAC4 373-083099

This is the HADS UCAC4 373-083099, a Delta Scuti high amplitude discovered initially on our frames. Indispensable in the analysis, as usual, Alessandro Marchini Riccardo Papini.


High Amplitude δ Scuti stars. They are radial pulsators showing asymmetric light curves (steep ascending branches) and amplitudes >0.15 mag.

CV min 15.46 max 15.95

E: 2457539.3864

P: 0.07215293 d

This is the 4th discovery of a Variable Star System from Avogadro Observatory, working in team with Alessandro Marchini, Riccardo Papini and Fabio Salvaggio (from University of Siena).

The link to the census VSX.