Instruments: the core of Avogadro Observatory

The Avogadro Observatory is powered by Avalon Instruments' Merlino, a new concept "Personal Remote Observatory" that allow deep-sky astrophotography from remote dark skies, wherever you are, with all safety and best reliability.

Here you can see a short "remote" view inside Avogadro Observatory while imaging The Cygnus Wall


Inside Merlino there is a deep sky setup we combined to get the best from the sky location we choosen, near Manciano, in the southern Tuscany countryside, hosted by Agriturismo La Svolta

Here you can find all technical data related to the setup


The Observatory

Avalon Instruments Merlino

  • Ext dim 1.65 mt. x 1.20 mt. x 1.25 mt closed, 2.30 mt. x 130 mt. x 130 mt. open
  • QHY5II Double use camera for all-sky or setup monitor moved by stepper motor
  • Asus MiniPC core I5 ram 4Gb m-sata 256Gb
  • Electronic I/O control board
  • Rain sensor


GSO RC 8" Carbon tube

  • Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph d. 203mm f/8 1624mm

  • AstroPhysics CCDT67 f.r. down to f/4.9 - 990mm 

  • Original GSO Crayford rid.1/10 focuser w/stepper motor driven by StarGo Aux1


Avalon Intruments M-Uno Fast Reverse

  • Avalon StarGo drive system
  • Monoarm mount - no meridian flip needed

  • Motorized Polar Alignment

  • P.E. ~3 arcsec

Imaging CCD

Atik ONE 6.0

CCD Mono - Sony ICX694

  • Resolution: 2750 x 2200 pixels

  • Pixel Size: 4.54 µM x 4.54 µM

  • Astronomik L-R-G-B 1,25" filter set
  • Astronomik Ha 6nm

Guiding CCD

SX Lodestar

  • Exview CCD with 752 x 580 pixels
  • Pixel size: 8.2uM x 8.4uM
  • Image area: 6.4mm x 4.75mm
  • Spectral Response: QE max at 620nM (~65%), 35% at 400nM and 770nM