EA Variable Star GSC 01826-00950

The first Discovery of Avogadro Observatory: EA Variable Star GSC 01826-00950

We are proud to announce the first discovery of a Variable Star from Avogadro Observatory, working in team with Alessandro Marchini, Riccardo Papini and Fabio Salvaggio (from University of Siena).

The discovered variable star called GSC 01826-00950 is located in Taurus constellation and is a beautiful EA system.

The calculated period, thanks to Catalina survey (CRTS - the only usable, given the magnitude and the small change in the system ), is about 3,10 days.

The first detection of the change came from Alessandro Marchini
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The adverse weather conditions all over the country were going to make us give up, as observers of the SSV-IAU seemed to be all under a cloak of clouds, although we had already found an ephemeris rough, thanks to Peranso and the aforementioned data from Catalina survey. 

Alessandro Milani and Mauro Ghiri from Avogadro Observatory helped with the discovery. On the night of the 9th of December were able to capture - overcoming adverse weather conditions - the decisive minimum (which becomes the time for ephemeris). 

The image above shows the light curve in phase: the system varies between Mag13.72 (maxima) and Mag13.98 (minima) . The secondary components of the system- not observed and derived from CRTS - leads to a variation of about 0,12 the maxima.

Nice team work, which shows the benefits of sharing a passion.

The link to the census VSX: https://www.aavso.org/vsx/index.php?view=detail.top&oid=417492


 Dear Fabio Salvaggio,

        Congratulations! Your submission to VSX of the new variable star 'GSC 01826-00950' has been reviewed by a moderator and APPROVED. The data from this submission is now available from the public database. In addition, an AAVSO Unique Identifier (AUID) of 000-BLT-884 has been assigned to the star, and may be used when submitting observations. Your assistance in making VSX a better tool is much appreciated.

        Clear skies,
        VSX Administration


GSC 01826-00950  
04 06 29.72 +29 46 10.7  (61.62383 +29.76964)  
B1950.0 04 03 22.58 +29 38 08.4
Galactic coord. 165.818 -16.429
Other names

CMC15 J040629.7+294610 CSS_J040629.7+294610 MLS_J040629.7+294610
NSVS 6752220 UCAC4 599-011448  
Variability type
Spectral type --
Mag. range
13.72 - 13.98 CV  
Discoverer A. Marchini, F. Salvaggio, R. Papini (Obs. Univ. Siena), A. Milani, M. Ghiri (Avogadro Obs.)
09 Dec 2015 (HJD 2457366.30300)  
Outburst --
Period 3.104790 d
Rise/eclipse dur. 6%