EA Variable Star GSC 00777-00241

EA Variable Star GSC 00777-00241 - light curve in phase

And here , to cap off a month-long collaboration, how long it take to conduct to a census this very hard variable system, the final registration with the VSX system EA GSC 00777 to 00241 located in the Gemini constellation, it is a fast EA system.

Discovered the first time on the last 16 December, we took a long time to get it census also because couldn't literally never "catch" a minimum principal to establish the full period.

The only usable survey was the MLS of CRTS .

EA Type

EA β Persei-type (Algol) eclipsing systems. Binaries with spherical or slightly ellipsoidal components. It is possible to specify, for their light curves, the moments of the beginning and end of the eclipses. Between eclipses the light remains almost constant or varies insignificantly because of reflection effects, slight ellipsoidality of the components, or physical variations. Secondary minima may be absent. An extremely wide range of periods is observed, from 0.2 to ≥10000 days. Light amplitudes are also quite different and may reach several magnitudes

This is the second discovery of a Variable Star System from Avogadro Observatory, working in team with Alessandro Marchini, Riccardo Papini and Fabio Salvaggio (from University of Siena).

The link to the census VSX: https://www.aavso.org/vsx/index.php?view=detail.top&oid=469616


GSC 00777-00241  
07 32 48.17 +14 31 11.8  (113.20071 +14.51994)  
B1950.0 07 29 58.44 +14 37 40.9
Galactic coord. 204.340 +15.604
Other names

CMC15 J073248.1+143111
UCAC4 523-043407    
Variability type
Spectral type --
Mag. range
 14.09 - 14.84 CV  
Discoverer A. Marchini, F. Salvaggio, R. Papini (Obs. Univ. Siena), A. Milani, M. Ghiri (Avogadro Obs.)
22 Jan 2016 (HJD 2457409.67810)  
Outburst --
Period 0.659291 d
Rise/eclipse dur. 10%